Why Do You Smoke? Most Common Reasons to Smoke

Why do you smoke?

Many people think that smoking is not as harmful as many organizations and anti-smoking campaigns are trying to convince. But the truth is obvious. Nowadays we have access to plenty of sources that can give us the appropriate information about the history of smoking, the culture of smoking, the mortality rate because of smoking, and the environmental damage associated with it. We have information about the whole process of producing cigarettes and the harmful substances that go into them. Even the package warns us about the harmful consequences of smoking and urges everyone to quit smoking.  

The question of whether smoking is a bad or a good habit is not only for the primary smoking but also for the passive smoker. The central problem is that when we smoke we don’t give a chance to people near us to make their choice. We have made our choice irrespective of the preferences of others. We feel good when we smoke and everything is alright. Do we ask ourselves about other's opinions? Is it enough to know that we feel comfortable and this is all we need to bear in mind? But before looking into the consequences of smoking it is very important to know the primary reason why do people smoke? Everyone including the primary smokers knows that smoking is doing them more harm than any benefits. So why do you smoke? Here are some of the reasons we find common among smokers to take a puff. 

Smoking as fun

The cigarette is a perfect excuse for interrupting work and snatching a moment of pleasure. We know how often at work we need a reason to stop for a minute. Smoking gives us psychological pleasure which, for many of us, became a substitute for our early habit of following the whims of the moment. Smokers are individuals who taste life through their habit to smoke. This is a new kind of perception that makes everything around us truly observed only by the smoke of the cigarette.

Smoking as a reward

Everybody wants to be patted on the back or to receive gifts. The cigarettes are a reward that you can take every time you feel that the particular work you have done is worthy and you deserve to take a break. Once more this is a reward that you can give yourself as often as you wish.

Many scientists claim that cigarettes take an important place in smoker’s daily round. The first and the last cigarette in the day are especially significant rewards. If you have read anything until now, you know that smoking has his own places of realization. We smoke when we drink our coffee early in the morning when breakfast is over and we intend to start doing our other obligations. We smoke when we are waiting for our friend or the train. Everything in our lives takes sense and completeness laid down by smoking habits.

Smoking as an oral pleasure

Oral pleasure is the only argument that is relevant to everyone who smokes. There are a lot of books and surveys about human’s need to feel oral pleasure. It is known from the earliest childhood and there is a direct connection between thumb sucking and smoking. In the full sense of the word, cigarette and mouth have plenty of connotations which are very popular in our culture. A woman with a cigarette in her mouth or in her elegant hand is a very erŠ¾tic theme used in movies. The easiest way to understand a smoker’s sensuous thrill is to look at his/her face when he/she inhales the smoke.

Smoking as a sign of the time

Smokers have the habit to smoke when they are waiting for something. Instead of walking back and forth people who smoke have a good reason to take one. This is why some sociologists claim that smoker never feels alone. His companion is the cigarette he is holding. It is his friend who removes the restlessness and discomfort of waiting.

Smoking as a communication

What can bring two people together is a cigarette. I am sure you have been a witness to many situations where people talk to each other as a result of their common interests in smoking. Smoking is not only a reason to start a conversation it is a pattern for social contacts. If you like someone you can address her/him readily because of the fact you both smoke. Every gentleman has the opportunity and a chance to start a conversation with his object of desire with a lighter. 

A vision in smoke

The pleasure of smoking a cigarette is not only in its taste, oral pleasure, or relaxation. Many smokers also like to watch the smoke they puff out. For psychologists, smokers think of it as art. Human imagination allows us to picture different images and thoughts and the smoke can form different shapes. Smokers used to sit back and blow rings and then blow another through the first one. This practice is a specific way of relaxation. It makes humans more concentrated and peaceful.

Smoking as a diary

Sometimes people remember experience linked with cigarettes. A lot of people tell stories and draw attention to moments in their life when they were pleased by just standing at the porch, smoking a cigarette and staring forward. People link smoking times as fun, joy, and moments to remember. 

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