Home Remedy for Bleeding Gums

Home Remedy for Bleeding Gums

Gum bleeding can be very painful and make it difficult to eat. Gingivitis is a bacterial disease with such symptoms as inflammation and bleeding of the teeth. There are, however, several different explanations of why your gums will get swollen. Gum inflammation may be a precursor to periodontal disease, as it tends to develop when untreated and will kill the periodontal ligament. This disease can also affect the alveolar bone, which allows supporting tissue to protect teeth. If it progresses in severity it can eventually lead to loss of the tooth. This disease can also damage the alveolar bone which is what helps sustain teeth by supporting tissue. If it advances in severity, it can eventually lead to tooth loss. 

Do you suffer from gingivitis? 

According to the Health Ministry of several countries, oral health is an issue that isn’t cared about as much as it should. Recent studies have linked gingivitis to some heart issues, however, this hasn’t been confirmed. It is believed that gingivitis allows bad bacteria to enter the blood flow, where they attach to fat deposits in the blood. If this is proven to be true in future studies, it means gingivitis can lead to blood clotting. In our opinion, oral health is mandatory for having good overall health. 

How can we know if we suffer from gingivitis? 

Obviously, an evaluation by a dentist is the best way, but gingivitis has some very specific symptoms that can be recognized. The symptoms include toothaches, sensitive or loose teeth, bleeding and redness, white plaque on gums, and bad breath. When someone experiences tooth loss, gingivitis is already in an advanced stage. 

It’s ideal to treat at the first signs, especially when bleeding occurs. Brushing teeth, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist regularly will be enough preventative measures for most. Hydrogen peroxide sanitizes the mouth and is the perfect replacement for the advanced mouthwash designed to get rid of gingivitis. 

Home Remedy

To prepare the homemade mouthwash, mix 1/4cup of water with 0.33 oz of hydrogen peroxide (10 volume). Using this remedy with hydrogen peroxide will only be effective if brushing and flossing your teeth is performed too. Rinse your mouth with this liquid once per day for up to 10 days, then take a break. This kind of rinsing is recommended by some experts, and it’s even more beneficial in some cases. As long as the routine is followed as we previously recommended, it won’t cause any harm. It’s important to follow the directions, like the proportions of dilution, number of times per day, and consecutive days. Besides that, you should not do it every time you brush: only once every 24 hours. At any sign of mouth irritation or allergic reaction, the treatment should be suspended immediately. Please note, the hydrogen peroxide must be diluted when doing the rinse, and you should use a sterilized measurement cup. 

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