How to Live Longer and Healthy?

How to Live Longer and Healthy?

Doctors report that people are living longer at this time in history than ever before and there is a reason to believe that we will continue to push the life expectancy as time continues. 

People are living healthier lives. Exercise and healthy eating contribute to human longevity. People are trying to eat right by lowering fat consumption and the intake of simple sugars, all while trying to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat. 

In addition to making health-conscious food choices, people are exercising more, aiding in the decrease of heart disease and many cancers, lowering their blood pressure, improving mental performance, and decreasing instances of depression.

Advances in medical technology have also contributed to longer life spans. We have found cures or vaccinations for many childhood diseases that used to kill young people and other public-health related problems are either better controlled or have been eradicated completely. Antibiotics are now able to treat common illnesses. 

More people are quitting smoking and giving up other unhealthy habits, such as limiting alcohol, to improve their length and quality of life.

Further, we now have clean water sources and better sanitation than in years past. Motor vehicles, work, and food safety have improved as well. Advancements in prenatal care are helping bring healthier babies into the world. Experts predict that if all these trends continue, we will see life expectancy rates increase by two years every decade. 

One key to living a longer life is to expect the best, to have a positive outlook, in other words, to be an optimist. By being an optimist, you are able to handle stress, and this can make a difference in how long you live.

Having a positive attitude is very important to have a healthy and happy life. The more positive your life the happier you will be. There are many ways to achieve this positive change in your life. The first step to developing a positive attitude (outlook) is to change your way of thinking by taking charge of your thoughts. Studying and reading self-help and inspirational material can help you to build and develop a long term positive attitude.

Help others by volunteering, it takes the focus off of any negatives in your life. Feeding the homeless and donating time to the elderly are a couple of ways to accomplish this. When you do things for others it makes you feel more positive about your own life and situation. You will also need to make sure that you take care of your general health needs; this will help to keep you from becoming depressed which can take a toll on your positive attitude (outlook).

Learn to accept being content, as this will help that positive attitude (outlook) to form and grow. Make sure to keep positive people in your life as this will help when you are having a hard time keeping your attitude (outlook) positive. Of course, everyone has a bad day, no one can be positive all the time. With help from a support system of positive people, you have a better chance of bouncing back faster and keeping that positive attitude (outlook) longer once you have regained it. These are just a few ways to develop a positive attitude (outlook) and develop it to its full potential.

Another key that can help one to live a longer life, is by caring for someone you love. Even though caring for a loved one does involve stress, taking the time to care for someone else, can cut your risk of living a shorter life. By caring for another person, your body will release a hormone that is the bonding hormone called Oxytocin. This means the stress hormone is not being released by your body.

Another way to live a longer life can be by being affectionate with the people you love the most. Your affection will be given back, and their love will help you to live a longer life. You should learn to laugh and laugh often, as this can have a healthy impact on your life; and you should always get a good night of sleep. Sleep and rest will give your nervous system time to rest, and this will help your body to fight off disease. Change your lifestyle if you have a great deal of stress, headache, colds, and fatigue.

Tell yourself and believe that you can live your life longer than normal people. You should also seek relaxation whenever possible to recharge and try not to live by yourself, you need other people in your life. 

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