Change Your Eating Habits

Change Your Eating Habits

Great digestive health means good overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Your overall health will really boost if your digestion is in great shape. So, you are looking for what are good eating habits? Here is some amazing list of eating habits that everyone ignores but is of utmost importance.

Only eat when you're hungry

Lots of people eat because they're bored. They've got nothing better to do. They may be watching TV. They could be out with friends. They don't really want to eat, but they're going to eat anyways. They're going to eat between meals. They're going to eat at night. They're going to eat at crazy times. They're going to be watching a movie at 2 a.m. They're going to have a taco. Don't do that kind of stuff. If you want great digestion, stick to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Probably about 10 or 20 percent of people don't want breakfast. Nobody's got a gun to your head that you've got to eat breakfast. Eat when you're hungry. Breakfast maybe 11 o'clock. Breakfast may be at 7 o'clock. If you're not hungry when you get up or within an hour of getting up, eat when you get hungry in the morning. But don't think that eating one or two meals a day, you're going to lose weight. You're going to gain weight because you're going to be snacking inappropriately at other times of the day. Try and have regular meals and eat when you're hungry.

When you're hungry, your body is going to burn up that fuel a lot faster than when you're not hungry. If you're not hungry, don't eat. Wait until you feel the need that you want to have some food and then eat some food. Some days you may want to eat a little bit more. Some days a little bit less, but eat when you're hungry. 

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Relax when you eat

Relax when you eat. No screens. What a lot of young people do today is they'll have this gadget in their hand and they'll be going, "Ha, ha, ha, another crazy cat video on youtube or "who liked me" on Facebook or Instagram. They'll be doing this while they're eating. You can't do that when you're eating. Do you do this when you're driving a car? Are you texting while you're driving a car? You can't concentrate. If you're going to eat food and want to digest it properly, relax. Take your time. An extra 5 or 10 minutes eating a meal is a lot better than gulping it down really quick because you want to know who liked you.

Enjoy your food

Take in the smells, the taste, textures, everything. You need to smell that food and you can feel your tummy starting to churn up a little bit when you're eating food because your body is getting stimulated. It's going to produce enzymes and acids. It's going to want to break that food down. When you're primed for food and you want food and it smells good and you eat it and you're enjoying it, you're going to digest it very well. Enjoy eating food.

Eat healthy fresh foods

Try to keep away from crappy, junk, dead, devitalized stuff. If you're going to get something out of a can or a packet, throw it in a bowl and put it in a microwave and then heat it up and eat it, that's not really food, is it? It's junk. Always try cooking fresh foods. Getting actual real fresh vegetables. Foods that will rot really quickly, for example, are good foods to eat because they're full of enzymes. Full of live nutrition is going to make you feel alive. Dead stuff, dead feeling. Live stuff, live to feel. Common sense. Eat good fresh healthy foods.

Hydrate yourself

Try to drink more water, especially between meals. It makes a big difference. If you follow some of these tips and then add a couple of glasses of water, you will feel the difference really soon. Drink when you're thirsty, but also try to drink between meals just for the sake of it. A glass of water when you get up. A glass of water between breakfast and lunch. Another glass of water between lunch and dinner. Try to have a little bit of extra water in the morning. The extra hydration will really improve your digestion when you have your lunch later on in the day. Of course, your body is 70 odd percent water, so it makes sense to drink. You're going to feel so much better when you get into that habit. Don't like cold water in winter? Then drink warm water. In Ayurvedic medicine, they believe that warmer water for digestion is much better than cold water because your body has to convert that back into 100 odd degrees. It's got to convert that cold water back to the temperature, so it's losing energy.

Relax after your meal

Don't go and watch these killing movies or these serial killer movies. Watching some really awful, violent, or horrific stuff when you're eating is not really a good idea, is it? Not a great idea. Imagine if pets were like that. That they were eating their food than watching another animal get killed in front of them while they're eating their own food. Wouldn't be good for the pet's health, would it? It's not good for your health either. Try to relax and not be stimulated by junk when you're eating. It's a good idea. Going for a walk after a meal is something you should do especially after lunch. Even if it's for 5 or 10 minutes. Even walking around the garden. It really helps your digestion a lot and your circulation. You'll feel better for a little bit of relaxing and walking just 5 or 10 minutes after a meal.

Make your lunch the big one

Eat a good lunch. I believe that in the middle of the day is when you've got a lot of digestive power. You shouldn't really be digesting a lot of meat or vegetables and heavy stuff later in the evening. If you do want to eat at night, have a salad or a lighter meal. Don't eat a big meal at night. Breakfast is like a king. Lunch like a prince. Dinner like a pauper. Have you ever heard that saying? If you're a working person or if you're doing a lot of physical work, you may want to have a bigger meal in the morning.

Watch for caffeine and alcohol

Lots and lots of people drink way too much caffeine and alcohol. These things really affect digestion quite a lot. If you can stop all alcohol and caffeine for four weeks, your digestion will improve by default 30 or 40 percent, just by that alone. Alcohol is the big one. It's not really a good thing to have at all in your diet. The less you have the better. The more you understand some of these techniques, the more benefit you're going to get. One of the most important things out of all of these points is alcohol. If you can cut alcohol back or eliminate it for a while, you watch what happens to your digestive system. You're going to be staggered. You'll be blown away by the improvement. 

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