9 Health Tips During Covid-19

9 Health Tips During Covid-19

This is truly one of the toughest times of history that mankind is facing. Covid-19 has an effect on every sphere of life. In such times it is very important to maintain good standards of health and fitness. These tips are very useful for combating Covid-19 and preventing it. As we all know, "Health is wealth" You'll enjoy every moment of your life if you're safe, and feel incredibly alive. If you're not well, so you can't even enjoy the best moments in your life. Here are the 9 best tips on health which will make you extremely safe and bring you and your family to new heights during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Exercise Daily to maintain fitness

In this Covid-19 age, in which outdoor and indoor gyms pose a danger of coronavirus contamination, maintaining workout schedules has become very difficult. But in the comfort of home or office, you can do light exercises. Just move your body to stretch or go to your garden for a stroll. Surround yourself with greenery to take a proper breath. You should add some plants to your office room, too. Simple to do these things, and easy to live with. By transforming your backyard, terrace, balcony, or any room into a workout area, consider home the best alternative of the gym for workouts. If you're a professional bodybuilder or athlete, you can buy home gym equipment too. Try making the quarantine at home interesting and enjoyable. Your daily workout routine should also involve some dance time. Just play your favorite music and dance in the groove.

Eat a Balanced Diet 

Make sure you eat well. Exercising isn't the only thing you need to concentrate on to be healthy. Every day you have to pick your diet carefully. As you are aware, immunity is an important component of the Covid-19 battle. You should schedule your diet for the whole week in advance. Go for green leafy vegetables, bananas, dried fruit, legumes, good cooking oils, and salads in your diet. Eat healthier food, prepared at home. Allow running water to sanitize your raw vegetables and fruits. If necessary stop frozen takeaways or restaurant takeaways. Check the portion sizes, don't eat too little or too much. In order to improve immunity, several drugs are being launched. Know immunity can not be developed instantly, so select supplements that suit your body intelligently under the guidance of a licensed physician or doctor.

Sip a cup of Herbal Tea

Say goodbye to traditional tea. You should take green tea, matcha tea, and black tea instead of ordinary tea. Try incorporating natural herbs such as Tulsi, Giloy, Cinnamon, black pepper, ginger. These teas have higher antioxidants which can help your body expel toxins. If you want to lose fat you need to immediately follow these teas. It may decrease the risk of any form of cancer. Some studies indicate that green tea has positive effects on certain cancer types like breast cancer, cancer of the prostate, cancer of the skin, etc. It also has the ability to have positive effects on type 2 diabetes. If not a fan of tea, consider using Turmeric powder to hot milk. 

Hydrate yourself Well

You need to hydrate your body properly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 7-8 glasses of water are a good alternative, at the very least. Don't over-drink. For proper digestion drink clean and filtered water that will eliminate toxins from your body. Instead of cold water try lukewarm water. While it is summertime and hunger for a good cold glass of water is tempting, in the initial few days of infection, warm water has the ability to fight against mild coronavirus.

Proper Sleep and Rest

Sleep is not about sleeping for 8 or 9 hours a day. It just means you need to give your body a good rest. Take your mind in a calm state while you are going to sleep and don't think about worldly matters. Go to bed peacefully and with a relaxed mind. If you go to deep sleep, the next morning you will feel nourished. It has been shown that lack of sleep causes heart disease, moodiness, depression, increased cravings for sugar food, decreased immunity, poor hormonal profile, decreased muscle mass, reduced sex drive, increased risk of diabetes, etc.

Maintain Hygiene

Keep the local environment hygienic and tidy. "Cleanliness is next to godliness" If your surroundings are hygienic and tidy you can stay away from diseases. Note the golden rule of 20 second-hand washings. Always keep with you and use a hand sanitizer when in contact with any surface. Clean your teeth two times a day. It is important to take a dip every day. Often cover the mouth while sneezing, yawning, or coughing. Always keep the food in a hygienic condition. Make it a habit to wear a mask whenever you step outside your house. If you live in a hygienic location your mood will be elevated. That way, you'll feel better living.

Expose yourself to Sunlight

Start taking some Vitamin-D and expose yourself to sunshine. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin-D, which is healthy for all of us. On holidays you should do it for the entire body. Find a location where the sunshine can be easily reached. It could be a terrace, a patio, and a pool. Even Sunshine is a natural disinfectant. Put your clothes in direct sunlight for a couple of hours to kill germs as you return from work or business. Slide the curtains aside, letting sunshine into your home, office, or workplace.

Stay Happy 

Happiness is the secret to a safe lifestyle. Keep happy whenever whatever the situation faces you. Don't be distracted by the situations that lie before you. If you're depressed, things won't improve, rather these circumstances will worsen. You have to deal with all of the problems in your life on your own, so let's manage them happily. It will give you more trust and a proper manner of handling them.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is an easy way to clear the mind, to forget about everyday anxieties, and to concentrate on mental stimulation. Easy Asanas and Pranayama can be of great benefit to a balanced lifestyle. It keeps your body and minds stable. It encourages better focus and sleep. Besides spirituality, meditation has many advantages with it. It also encourages your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.

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