22 Unknown Amazing Uses for Orange Peels

22 Uses for Orange Peels

Many people prefer to have citrus fruits, with a specific preference for oranges for being the soft and tangy juice. That said, without your hands being sticky and smelling like oranges all day, these delicious sweets are hard to peel and even harder to eat. In addition, as nobody eats the leftovers from the oranges, the peels, they end up being thrown into the garbage and discarded. But for the orange peels, there are a lot of different uses which not many people know. Here are 22 of those amazing and unusual orange peel uses.

1) Orange Peels as Citrus Cleaner 

The leftover citric acid in orange peels for an all-purpose cleaner provides a powerful and cost-effective foundation. Moreover, it can be easily made in any kitchen. To make your citrus cleaner, all you have to do is mix the vinegar with the orange peels and some boiling water. This simple mixture works wonders, without using any of the dangerous chemicals used in daily cleaning.

2)   Orange Peels are Natural Sponge 

Orange peels may also be used as sponges. It contains a number of essential oils, which are perfect for de-greasing various materials, and even pots and pans until the peel dries out completely. The use of an orange peel is a cost-efficient way of scrubbing every floor. Before you get to your cleaning you can have a nice snack also. You may want to consider using an orange peel to wipe down your counter or sink if it is coated with grease.

3) Orange Peels as Deodorizer 

This one is a better-known truth, it's no secret that the soothing smell of fresh oranges will wash out any room's unpleasant odors, leaving behind a calming fragrance. Only put the orange peels at the bottom of your trash can, or hang them up in your bathroom with a string. Soon you will start to note that your rooms smell better.

4) Orange Peels as Garbage Disposal Cleaner 

Does your garbage disposal bins stink, no matter how much you scrub it up? Dropping some orange peels down the drain is a perfect way to wash the smell out. Run the garbage disposal once you've put them until it's clear, then follow with some warm water. The citrus in the orange peels will overwhelm any unpleasant scents that come from the disposal, leaving a good smell wafting out of the sink rather than the smell of old food.

5) Orange Peels as Air Freshener 

It's a non-toxic way to freshen up your home using orange peels. Boiling orange peels, or burning them in a paper bag in the fireplace will offer a long-lasting, soothing, citrus scent. To produce a custom fragrance of your choosing you can also add mint or cinnamon sticks to the boiling orange peels. The first step towards a safe and friendly atmosphere is to have a good smelling house.

6) Orange Peels as Refrigerator Deodorizer 

Leftover orange peels are a perfect way to deodorize your refrigerator too. Cut an orange in half, and remove the fruit from within. Then fill one of the empty halves with salt and put it in a little bowl for a week or two in your fridge.

7) Orange Peels for Wood Shining 

You can give a bright shine to dull-looking wooden furniture by using the white underside of an orange peel, and yet another way to replace toxic cleaners. Just rub the peel against any surface of the wood, and then give it a wipe with a damp cloth. Your table or shelf looks just as good as new ones.

8) Orange Peels as Shoe Odor Remover 

Is it humiliating to take off your stinky shoes in front of others? Maybe even when you take off your shoes, you find yourself embarrassed. In a few sachets, put some dry orange peels, and insert them into your worst smelling shoes. The natural scent that absorbs the peels will make your shoes less offensive to smell.

9) Orange Peel Candle 

Scented candles are great for home decoration, and can be used for aromatherapy as well. Orange peels can be used to make homemade candles. Drop finely shredded pieces of orange peel into the wax and any other ingredients that you like to make your home smell good. They make great handmade gifts too.

10) Orange Peels as Nourishing Face Mask 

Mixing equal parts of milk and orange peel powder will easily make an organic, orange peel face mask until you have a thick paste. Apply it to your face and after about half an hour, wash it off. This will help eliminate excess oil and dead skin cells from your face. Just apply the peel right onto your skin for age spots. Vitamin C in oranges helps to lighten dark spots and blemishes.

11) Orange Peel as Body Scrub 

The orange body scrub will exfoliate your skin and moisturize it, helping to promote healthy skin cells, and making it very beautiful too. Mix the zest with 3/4 cup of sugar and 5 tablespoons of olive oil from 1-2 oranges. Rub them all together over your body. When combined, pour it into a cup or jar and use it once a week to reap the benefits.

12) Orange Peels as Bath Oil 

The oil found in orange peels is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to significantly enhance skin tone and texture. From the orange peels, extract the oil by grinding the peels and fermenting them with alcohol for about 3 days. Squeeze the oil and add some drops for a relaxing bath.

13) Orange Peels as Bath Powder 

The leftover orange peels can also be added in powder form, like a bath bomb. Dry the orange peels out and grind into a fine powder. Sprinkle a bit of this for a sweet-smelling addition in your bath.

14) Orange Peels can Get Rid of Dandruff 

Dandruff is a problem that many people face, particularly when the weather is humid or very dry. It can often cause itchy, inflamed, and sore on your scalp. An excellent way to avoid this is to add some water to crushed orange peel and leave it overnight. Rinse your hair with that mixture the following day. It will help get rid of your dandruff, while at the same time acting as a natural conditioner.

15) Orange Peels Tea 

They don't need teabags here! Just dry out some leftover orange peels and put them in your hot water next time you're craving a tangy-flavored hot drink. Not only is it tasty, but it's great when you feel congested because the citrus will open up your sinuses. You can even add a spicy kick of the cinnamon sticks and aniseed stars.

16) Orange Peel Infused Oil 

You can also use orange peels to make delicious homemade infused oils. In olive oil, combine dried orange peels and cranberries and seal with a cork to close. After a few weeks, the oil will develop a wonderful flavor.

17) Orange Peel Compost 

Orange peels also constitute a useful addition to a compost pile. It adds nutrients and nitrogen to the soil as they decompose. Not only do orange peels enrich the soil considerably, but they are also an effective way to get rid of slugs, making your gardening efforts as fruitful as possible.

18) Orange Peels as Brown Sugar Softener 

When left sitting in your pantry, brown sugar will start drying out and clumps will develop. But, using just a few orange peels, you can fix this problem. Simply add a few small pieces of orange peel into an airtight, brown sugar jar. This will seal the moisture in the jar in, freshening the sugar in just a few hours.

19) Orange Peels as Kindle Fire 

Believe it or not, even orange peels can be used to kindle a fire. The oils found in the peels are indeed flammable, but they have the advantage of burning more slowly and steadily and producing a pleasant smell as they burn, over other forms of more common kindling, such as newspapers.

20) Orange Peels as Bird Feeder 

To make a natural feeder for birds that will attract all kinds of birds, cut in half an orange and take out the fruit, leaving just the peels. Then poke 3 evenly spaced holes near the peel cut section. Attach a sturdy string piece through the gaps, and carefully hang it in a branch. Fill the empty orange peel with bird seeds and wait until the thousands of winged visitors come and eat. 

21) Orange Peels Keeps Cats Away 

Experts say that using a combination of dried orange peels and coffee grounds can discourage neighborhood cats from using their litter box as a yard. They are strongly dissuaded by the overpowering scent of the orange peel and coffee grounds blend. If you own a cat that gets into places it's not supposed to be, but the orange peels anywhere you don't want them to go.

22) Orange Peels as a Natural Bug Repellent 

Many plants have insecticidal properties, especially oranges. Many insects like roaches, rats, and silverfish will avoid the fragrance of orange oil. Brushing orange peels onto your skin is one easy way to prevent mosquitoes from attacking you. You may also put peels in your house around the rooms that appear to draw loads of ants and mosquitoes. That is going to drive them away.

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