12 Biotin Rich Foods For Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

12 Biotin Rich Foods

Do you know why biotin is essential to your body? This water-soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, is essential to converting food into energy for your body. If you want good skin, perfect hair, and sturdy nails, you need it. Often this vitamin is responsible for supporting the liver's good function. Biotin is actually so good for your body, it is contained in the prenatal vitamins that are offered to pregnant mothers. But how do you ensure you are getting enough biotin? Here are the 12 best foods rich in biotin.

1) Eggs

Biotin-rich egg yolks stimulate hair growth and boost the overall health of the scalp. A whole, cooked egg supplies up to 10 micrograms of biotin. For optimum absorption of vitamin B7, it is advisable to eat well-cooked eggs. Boiled eggs can be perfect diet-friendly options, or scrambled or poached.

2) Salmon

Salmon is a common option for maximum nutrition when it comes to fish-eating. Salmon provides you many health benefits. They are rich in fatty omega 3 acid which gives you better immunity and protects you from heart attacks. Biotin is 5 milligrams per 85 grams of Salmon.

3) Tuna

Tuna also produces a decent amount of biotin, albeit a little less in terms of quantity compared to salmon. A regular 85 grams of pink canned tuna contains around a milligram of biotin. Connect the smoked salmon or grilled to your daily diet and reap benefits.

4) Sweet Potatoes

This tasty veggie has mistakenly been tagged as the potato's more starchy cousin. In reality, it provides you with a generous amount of vitamins and minerals, especially biotin. Sweet potatoes in fact have the highest biotin content found in vegetables. Per half cup of the sweet potato comes with almost 3 milligrams of biotin. Besides that, it is rich in beta carotene which our body transforms into vitamin A. Add sweet potato in your diet if you want beautiful skin, nails, or hair.

5) Broccoli and Cauliflower

Both of these vegetables have many health benefits. They provide you with both biotin and sulfur, vital to your body's optimal functioning. Only half a cup of fresh broccoli gives you a microgram of biotin. Note that biotin is a vitamin soluble in water. That means you can't store it within your body. Daily, you'll need to get it from your diet. So even though you dislike the salads with broccoli, do your hardest to eat them. If you eat it steamed, it's even more nutritious, because then broccoli can retain all its nutrients. When it comes to nutrition, Broccoli's cousin cauliflower is not far behind. One raw cauliflower serving is containing 17 micrograms of biotin. Cauliflower eaten raw ensures optimum absorption.

6)  Brewer’s yeast

This is an active yeast that is primarily used to produce bread, beer, and a number of other foods. Brewer's yeast is a beer by-product and has substantial biotin material. Another yeast type high in biotin content is nutritional yeast. Some famous producers say they have 21 micrograms of biotin in just 2 tablespoons.

7) Liver

Did you know that Liver and Animal Meat can offer a good boost to your immunity, particularly cooked liver in your diet? It provides ample biotin. Most biotin is contained in the liver inside the animal body, with just a small amount being absorbed by the small intestine. Statistically speaking, there are about 31 micrograms of biotin in 3-ounces of cooked beef liver. And other organ meats such as the kidney are a good source too. Depending on the type of meat the biotin content can differ. Pork chops, for example, have less biotin than beef. Both also function as strong sources.

8) Almonds

Who knew so much nutrition could be contained in a small, brown nut! It becomes included on virtually every healthy food list. No wonder it's considered a worldwide superfood. Yeah, we speak about almonds. Consume nuts as salted or roasted. You are going to get the same level of biotin. Studies show that almost 2 micrograms of biotin are present in a quarter-cup of roasted almonds. Snack a handful of almonds and give yourself the boost of protein and vitamin E along with biotin. You can apply it to your smoothies and shakes too. Baked goods such as bread and cookies, taste much more delicious when you add to them this superfood.

9) Avocados 

Avocado toast, avocado salad, avocado smoothies- what about avocados is not to love? Some people even think that during pregnancy it helps with morning sickness! If you're tired of using different creams and lotions to improve your dry skin's condition, give the avocados a try. Its nutrition profile is unique. This delicious fruit, along with several other vitamins and minerals, is rich in healthy fats, biotin, and dietary fiber. A single 100-gram avocado serving has a biotin content of 3.2-10 micrograms.

10) Mushrooms

Mushrooms are easily a winner, due to their nutritional value. Interestingly enough, the mushroom biotin helps them fend off the growth of parasites and other harmful particles. You may decide to eat it raw or saute it. You do consume biotin anyway. Another perfect way to consume it is by adding sliced mushrooms to your salad. And if you're making noodles, pasta, or spaghetti, make sure you sauce it for a whole nutritious meal rich in biotin along with other veggies.

11) Spinach 

Want to rid yourself of scalp problems? Declining low on iron and biotin? Spinach has given you the antidote. Try this dark, green leafy vegetable and send a quick reboot to your immune system, hair, and digestive system. It contains the highest biotin content among green leafy ones. A cup of spinach leaves that are cut and frozen can have up to 7 micrograms of biotin. In the case of fresh ones the number increases. You can add it in your salads, or make an omelet of spinach cheese.

12) Cheese

We can not neglect cheese while we are talking about nutrition. Biotin is present in most dairy products. The famous cheese choices- cheddar and American also contain biotin in them.


Who doesn't want soft, luscious hair? Your hair can turn dull and brittle over time due to an unhealthy diet, harmful chemicals use, and stress. The vitamin deficiency contributes to these issues, particularly vitamin B7 or biotin. But don't worry about, start adding these 12 incredible foods rich in biotin into your diet.

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