25 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss 2020

25 ways to prevent hair loss 2020- ADDAFITNESS

What is hair loss? 

Hair loss is medically known as alopecia also known as baldness. Many factors lead to hair loss. We know different types of hair loss: 

1) The hair is lost diffusely over the whole scalp
2) Baldness is one spot
3) Baldness in more than one spot
4) Bald spot on the beard
5) There is no hair on the scalp
6) All body hair is lost

Popular myths about hair loss

1. Pattern baldness comes from the mother’s side.

Researches show that there is no reason to blame our parents for pattern baldness. In fact, there is no such thing as a hair loss gene.

2. Pattern baldness affects only men.

This is not true. Baldness is as common in women as in men. The difference between genders and the disease is that it affects men and women in different ways. For example, it is proved that usually, men tend to start losing their hair in The 30s and 40s while women begin to lose hair in the 40s or 50s.

3. Pattern baldness is a result of poor blood flow.

In fact, the blood supply is very good in the balding spots. Exactly this condition allows hair transplant operations.

4. Do some hairstyles cause hair loss?

The answer to this question is positive. There are treatments like tight ponytails, plaits, or corn-rows which can stimulate hair loss. Inappropriate care for our hair risks much too. We can not only harm our hair but may also lose it.

5. Brushing many times prevents hair loss

As we said above that good circulation of blood is not a sign of healthy hair. There are cases in which bald spots on the scalp have good blood flow and the baldness is psychological, physical, or the result of an accident.

6. Shampooing makes our hair fall out.

Many people get frightened that they lose their hair unusually fast when they take a shower.  The truth is that shampooing with a proper product daily benefits hair and scalp. 

7. Protein-containing conditioners and shampoos prevents hair from loss.

The external treatment of the hair with hair product which contains protein is useful for temporarily filling in the defects on the surface of the hair shaft. This kind of products makes our hair smoother and thicker but they don’t make it stronger.

8. Dyes, perms, and hairsprays worsen hair loss.

Generally speaking when you use these methods for glamorization, you want to either flaunt your beautiful hair or hide your damaged hair. By no means hair dyes, perms or hairspray can harm your hair or even make her weaker and thinner.

9. My father doesn’t have hair baldness. Why should I have?

Hair baldness sometimes involves a combination of genes. This means that in some cases even when the father hasn’t hair baldness this is not relevant to his child. 

10. Shaving your head will cause hair to grow back thicker.

11. Dandruff causes permanent hair loss.

12. Hair loss does not occur in the late teens.


How to prevent hair loss? 

25 ways to prevent hair loss 2020- ADDAFITNESS

1) Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in starch, which may help slow down the process of hair loss.  Eating a diet high in antioxidants may provide hair growth protection for hair follicles. 

2) Increase intake of foods rich in biotin. Biotin prevents hair loss and helps maintain healthy shin and hair. Good food sources of biotin include brown rice, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts

3) Include soy foods such as soybeans and tofu in your diet. Soy foods appear to inhibit the formation of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone implicated in hair loss.

4) Do not eat raw eggs which are high in avidin, a protein which binds biotin and prevents it from being absorbed.

5) Lie down on a slant board fifteen minutes a day to allow the blood to reach your scalp; massage your scalp daily.

6) Use the right shampoos, conditioners, and oils that contain biotin and silica.

7) Be careful of using products on the hair that are not natural.

8) Hair is fragile when wet; gently pat your hair dry and squeeze out remaining moisture with a towel.

9) Cover your hair when exposed to sunlight; long exposure to sunlight and seawater can damage the hair.

10) Avoid blow dryers and other heated appliances on your hair.

11) Use apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, or sage tea as a rinse to help hair grow.

12) Green tea may aid in reducing hair loss.

Supplement your diet with one or more of the following nutrients:

13) Evening Primrose Oil—Supplies essential fatty acids to improve hair texture and to prevent dry, brittle hair.

14) Vitamin B Complex—B vitamins are important for the health and growth of hair; also, the B vitamins work best when taken together; include extra Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B6 for the best result.

15) Biotin supplements—Deficiencies in biotin have been linked to skin disorders and hair loss.

16) Inositol—is a medicine supplement that is vital for hair growth.

17) Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)—is a supplement that aids in hair health as it helps in the manufacture of keratin.

18) Vitamin C—aids in improving scalp circulation; also assists the antioxidant action in hair follicles.

19) Vitamin E—increases oxygen uptake, which improves circulation to the scalp; improves health and growth of hair.

20) Zinc—Stimulates hair growth by enhancing immune function.

21) Coenzyme Q10—is a supplement that improves scalp circulation; increases tissue oxygenation.

22) Ginkgo Biloba supplement—extract of a native china tree that improves circulation to the scalp.

23) Horsetail supplement—is a plant used to make medicine as it is a good source of silica, necessary for strong, shiny hair.

24) Pygeum supplement—extract from the bark of the African cherry tree that may aid in reducing hair loss and enlarged prostate.

25) Saw Palmetto supplement—is an extract of palm tree used in herbal remedies that in aid in reducing hair loss and testosterone levels.

Note:- This article is for knowledge purposes only, consult a doctor before taking any supplements.


Every men and woman face the problem of hair loss sometime in their life. If you are worried about your hair loss and don't know that to do, this is the exact article for you. Simply adhere to the recommendations to prevent hair loss and you will see the wonders work. Also, we focus on myths and waste our time and energy on things that are of no use. We have busted some myths for you that you need not pay attention to. 

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